Opening hours 2020

May 1 –  June 18 11am – 7pm
June 19 – June 20 11am – 11pm (the kitchen closes at 10pm)
June 21 – June 25 11am – 8pm
June 26 – August 8 11am – 11pm (the kitchen closes at 10pm)
August 9 – August 15 11am – 9pm
August 16 – September 27 11am – 7pm

The restaurant is open during special events or for pre-booked groups.

During July and August we serve buffets in our restaurant. Read more at: Entertainment & Events


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Kleine Zalze Cellar Selection Merlo 2016, South Africa (House wine) 

Merlot 12% vol

A medium bodied wine with taste of red and dark berries and a hint of spices. A fresh and fruity wine with a round finish. Recommended for grilled meat dishes, vegetarian dishes and cheese.

1/1          34,00€
24 cl       13,50€
16 cl        9,10€


Domaine La Lyre Côtes du Rhône Organic Red 2014, France 

Syrah, Grenache 13% vol

A medium bodied wine with soft tannins. Aromas of red berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. The taste is fruity and fresh. 

1/1          40,00€


Ara Single Estate 2014

Pinot Noir 13% vol

It has a fresh and aromatic scent with hints ofd stone fruits, gooseberries and some minerality.  The taste is dry and fresh with a well-balanced acid and long aftertaste. Recommended for fish, lamb veal and chicken

1/1          40,00€


Fat Bastard, Languedoc-Roussillon, France


A dry and fresh wine that is recommended for fish, shellfish and salads. This wine is also excellent on its own. Flavors of citrus, peach and a hint of oak character. 

1/1     34,00€

24cl    13,50€

16cl     9,10€


Kleine Zalze, Wester Cape, South Africa 

Chenin Blamc

A dry and fruity wine with tastes of pineapple, pear, peach, kiwi and citrus fruits. The aftertaste is long and clean. This wine is recommended for fish and shellfish.

1/1     34,00€

24cl    13,50€

16cl     9,10€


Clarendelle Blanc 2013, Bordeaux, France 

Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Muscadelle

You can find aromas of citrus and blood orange from the sauvignon blanc and a hint of flowers and fruits from Sémillon and Muscadelle. A fresh taste that goes well with all kinds of fish, with sauces with butter or herbs

1/1     47,00€



Fortant Grenache Rosé Littorial, Languedoc-Roussillon, France 


Fresh rosé wine with hints of red berries, citrus and fresh herbs. Recommended for chicken, pork, and turkey, the wine also goes well as a buffet wine or for enjoying by itself.

1/1     30,00€

24cl   12,00€

16cl     8,00€


Nina Zinfandel Rosé, Puglia, Italy


This rosé is perfect served chilled on a hot summer day, for food we recommend it with fish, poultry and vegetarian dishes. The wine has a fruity and fresh taste of strawberries, watermelon and peach.

1/1     30,00€

24cl   12,00€

16cl     8,00€


Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top

From one of the oldest houses in Champagne comes this dry, fruity and well-structured champagne. You can find aromas of wood and spices and a taste of butter and toast. Recommended as aperitif or with shellfish, white fish and white meat.

1/1   90,00€


Gancia Prosecco, Italy

Dry prosecco with a fine fruitiness and a fresh taste of yellow apples and lemons.

1/1     39,00€
12cl     8,00€

Piccolo 20cl 10,00€



Stallhagen III, 4,5 vol. 0,33l  5,70€
Stallhagen Honey, 4,7 vol. 0,33l  6,70€
Stallhagen Delikat, 4,7 vol 0,33l 6,70€
Stallhagen Pale Ale, 6 vol. 0,33l 6,70€
Karhu IV, 5,3 vol.         0,33l 5,70€
Karhu III, 4,6 vol.  0,33l   5,00€
Koff I, 2,5 vol.         0,33l   3,20€


Karhu IV, 5,3 vol. 0,5l 6,00€
Karhu IV, 5,3 vol 0,33l 5,50€
Carlsberg III, 4,6 vol 0,5l 5,50€
Carlsberg III, 4,6 vol.  0,33l  5,00€


Somersby – Pear, Appel and Sparkling Rosé 4,5 vol. 0,33l 6,50€
Gin Long drink, 5,5 vol. 0,33l  6,00€
Gin Cranberry 5,5 vol. 0,33l 6,00€
Crowmoor, Extra Dry Cider, 5,4 vol. 0,50l 6,50€


Sommersby Apple, non-alcoholic cider 0,33l 4,00€
Koff Crisp, non-alcoholic beer 0,33l 3,00€
Carl Ljung Riesling/Merlot, non-alcoholic white/red wine






Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Smurf 0,50l 4,00€
Bonaqua Mineral, Bonaqua Lemon/Lime, Bonaqua Raspberry 0,50l 4,00€
Bonaqua Still 0,50l 2,90€
Amalias Lemonad - Blueberry Strawberry

Amalias Lemonad - Sockerdricka, Appel


Trip (Pear, Orange, Raspberry, Wild Strawberry) 0,20l 1,50€
Grannas Appel juice 0,20l 3,20€


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