Åland SwimRun

Åland SwimRun

11 September 2020 kl . 15:00

This weekend it is time for the 5th edition of Åland Swimrun. Much is the same as before, but the previous three different distances will this year be four.

The earlier Long will go by the name of Tough Enough and is a real challenge of 51 km in the tough, outer Åland archipelago.

Short that will be renamed to Beautiful Enough is about 15km in slightly lighter terrain but still nothing for the beginner!

Supersprint is now called Quick Enough and is the short (3.5km) and beginner-friendly route suitable for those who wants to try swimrun, for younger participants (no lower age limit) or as a family-distance. Quick Enough is also suitable as a warm up race for those participating in any of Saturday’s distances.

The new route is called Short Enough and is approx 8.5km. At Short Enough the swimming takes place on quieter water than the 15km distance and is simply a little shorter, easier and more beginner friendly than Beautiful Enough.

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