9 July 2022 kl . 14:30

To be sure to get to enjoy some sun during summer a visit to Käringsund, Eckerö in west of the Åland Islands is recommended on the second Saturday in July. Then the annual Semesterloppet is organized, usually in glorious sunshine from a clear blue sky! In 2022 the sun will shine at Saturday 09.07!

The race is a tradition that is commonly referred to as the whole family’s sports party and attracts both recurring participants from year to year, but also familys on vacation that a little unplanned find themselves on the starting line.

This is a race where the happy amateurs run in the same class as those who compete for a good time – everyone is equally welcome and everybody can choose a distance best for them. You can again choose between 12km, 8km, 4km and 1km, that this year is called Lekialoppet!

After a fun day of running, you can stay and enjoy our pizzabuffet in Käringsund!  Book the buffet online here

Book your Semesterloppet package here: Semsterloppet-package

If you want to do some other fun activities with your kids during the day, we reccommend our Lekland- and Smartpark-packages!

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