TrollingTräff Åland

TrollingTräff Åland

3 June 2020 kl . 15:00

The first week of June, the yearly TrollingTräff begins once again, where fishermen from all of the nordic countries gather and competes in the great art of salmion fishing and have a fun time together!

You are welcome to join us in Käringsund, and have something to eat while you watch the fishermen coming ashore with their big salmons!

On the wednesday (3.6) we have a barbeque buffet at 6pm where all participants are welcome to have some good food. The price for the buffet is only 15€/person. On thursday and friday, the we weigh all the fishes in at around 7.15pm, and on the saturday we start the weighing from 3.15pm. The prize ceremony starts at 5pm.

Take a look at TrollingTräff's facebook page to stay updated in case of changes in the time table, depending on the weather:


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