Stay safe - Our Covid-19 routines

Welcome to our page about our service adjustments to Covid-19

As we all noticed everything has the last years been very unpredictable and unforeseen where we have been forced to make dramatic operational adjustments in very short notice. It is hence very clear that we constantly follow the rules and recommendation set by our government. This page is however not information about what rules and regulations apply since the can be very complex and rarely long lasting. This page is a brief and explanatory summary of how we in a pragmatic and practical way have adjusted our operations and services to a pandemic reality with everybody´s well being and functional operations in mind.

Pre arrival and arrival

Our cottages are all self household cottages that can be rented both with or without final cleaning. Regardless of the alternative you can be sure that our housekeeping has visited your cottage before arrival with disinfection.

By booking via our homepage you have the possibility pre book almost all ancillary services. This means that your booked items will be conveniently waiting for you at the cottage upon arrival. By ordering for example a grill already at the booking stage you do not need to walk down to the Beach shop to fetch your grill and charcoal. This naturally also minimizes physical interaction.

We are about to try out a pilot project with Mobile Key. This means that in case you prefer to avoid lines at the check in you can give us a note via and we will prepare a virtual key for you on your smartphone. Alternatively you just wait half an hour after the ship arrival and the check in rush will be over.

During your stay

We have, specially during high season, adapted our services in a way that everybody can feel safe in a natural way. This means that all our services can be bought outside. The restaurant services can be bought from the terrace, the reception is outside as well as the minigolf kiosk. Even the Beachshop cashregister is at the doorstep.

Also to minimise mutual contact surfaces we have decided to limit cash payments to the reception. All our selling points accept credit and debit cards of most brands. Now also extended to include American Express.

Safety materials and hand disinfection: Please feel free to use our hand disinfection that is available in many places around the resort. You are also welcome to ask for a face mask or plastic gloves in the restaurant if you prefer. Our staff will help you and provide you with these without cost.

Check out

As we only use room accounts in very special occasions the check out procedure is simplified for all parties. In case you have included final cleaning and would prefer to avoid the check out desk you can freely leave the key card in your room and give the reception a note that you have checked out and we are all set.

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Stay safe - Our Covid-19 routines