• Cyklist på MTB-banan i aktivitetsskogen vid Käringsund Resort & Conference.
  • Flygbild med utsikt mot havet vid Käringsund Resort & Conference.
  • Join us in trailrunning. We now where to take you.
  • Löpare i Semesterloppet vid Käringsund Resort & Conference.
  • MTB-cykel står lutad mot ett träd vid Käringsund Resort & Conference.
  • Trail running through Käringsund Resort & Conference.
  • MTB-bana i aktivitetsskogen vid Käringsund Resort & Conference.
  • Starten går vid Semesterloppet vid Käringsund Resort & Conference.
  • Käringsund is perfect to experience SwimRun! ask for a guide if is your first time.
  • Cycling on Åland is world class!
  • Flygbild över skogen vid aktivitetsskogen hos Käringsund Resort & Conference.
  • Käringsund Discgolf Park
  • It is easy to find suitable unmarked MTBroutes on Åland

Activity forest 

The activity forest is a perfect playground for those who like motion and all kinds of activities out in the nature. In the forest, you will find tracks and routes for our most popular outdoor activities, from DiscGolf and hiking to TrailRun and MTB. 

The varying terrain offers plenty of beautiful views and alternating grounds from rocky hills to forest and marshland. 

Plenty to experience

Everyone is welcome to explore the activity forest, whether you are staying with us or visiting Käringsund Resort & Conference just for a day. The activities in the forest are available for free, and if you don’t have the necessary gear with you, you can rent them from us. Or, you can buy our 1-day activity bracelet, which even includes a DiscGolf disc.  

Leisure activities that can be found at the gate of the Activity forest are:

  • Käringsund Dicgolf course is a rather demanding 9-basket course that can be shortened and made easier by using the family T´s . The course is a true forrest course. For more information visit the link below:
  • Käringsund hiking route Träsket: The route is when started from the Activity forrest a roughly 5km long loop through varying natural habitat. The route is fairly easy to walk. The route is marked with white colour. The map of the rout can be found by the link below:
  • Käringsund TrailRun route follows the path of the annual trailrun event Semesterloppet. The loop is 4km following easy running terrain in the forrest mostly on forrest paths and small gravel roads. For map of the route please follow the link below:
  • Käringsund MTB Track: The Käringsund MTB Track is a 3km long loop with flow and some easy obstacles than can be rounded when preferred. The track is perfect for MTB beginners but also suitable for exeperienced MTB cyclists who might want to make a KOM comparison of the track. You can also find a lot of longer and beatiful unmarked MTB routes starting from the Activity forrest on either Komoot or Strava. For map of the MTB Track follow the link below:
  • Orienteering: Between midsummer and middel of August we will always have a beginner and kids friendly orienteering course beginning from the gate of the Activity forrest. We do occasionally also have more demanding orienteering course starting from the same place. Maps can be bought from the reception or Strandshop or downloaded for free: 
    • 2023 we do not have any orientering course.
  • SwimRun track: There is hardly any more suitable place on earth for swimrunning than Åland and Käringsund! Between midsummer and mid September we will have a SwimRun course  that is partly marked. Starting from the Activity forrest it continues anti-clockwise towards north. The course is a loop of approximately 6km of which the swimming is 4x 150 - 200m. The loop is easy to shorten at any time. It is free of charge to try out the course by your own on own responsibility. Alternatively you can ask for an instructor from the Strandshoppen for an 1 hour introduction including wetsuit, safety gear and guiding for 25€ per person- The introduction is free of charge if combined with a registration to Åland SwimRun that is held annually in September. In case you want to explore the course by yourself we recommend that you print out a map for you, alternatively load a FIT-file in case you have a compatible watch ( Garmin)

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