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Käringsund offers fishing places all year round. Species that are typical are pike, perch and sea trout. Especially for trout fishing the area is good, whether you fish from a boat or from land.

Fishing spots:

Käringsundskanalen- South
The southern part of the Käringsund canal offers versatile fishing opportunities all year round. The area is well protected and therefore also suitable for fishing despite hard winds. Sea trout is wintering in sheltered coves and are fishable from December until late April. The best places to fish trout is from Käringsund Resort beach all the way to the old boathoueses. It also pays to fish around the small island in the middle of Käringsund. The channel area is also popular for sea trout and it can be profitable to fish at the shallow gutter, especially in gray weather.

You’ll find pike randomly across the area.

I have had the best perch fishing in July. Then the best place is the inlet from the sea, especially the inner strait between the two small islets.

Käringsundskanalen- North
The bay at the northern part of the Käringsund canal is one of the best areas in Eckerö for fishing sea trout. Here, sea trout accumulates especially when the water is cold in winter and spring. I have encountered most fish in the western part of the bay on the sloping beach strip right at the mouth of the canal. In the same places, pike can also be found.

In springtime, trout shoals are often found here, so if you catch one it pays of to keep going, also returning to the same place later is recommended. My experience is that there are plenty of fish when you finally find them, and it is very rare that fishes get on wandering alone.

If you continue north from the canal you will encounter Nabbfjärden where there are two clear hot spots.
The first place is the bay between Västanholmen and Östanholmen, here, among the reeds, pike are often hiding. It also has happened that I’ve got some trout here.

The second place is the shallow area in the northwestern part of Nabbfjärden, north of Flythällarna. Among reed and rocks you can get lot of pike, especially in winter and spring.

One of the better spots for sea trout fishing are around the northern tip of Långön.It has been especially lucrative in late autumn, in October and November, when the first fish shoals arrive. The area is not very big, but still gathers fish from several shoals.

Brännskärsviken is located west of Käringsund's inner bay. Here, sea trout accumulate in the spring immediately after they’ve migrated from the inner bays. The time is usually in April. You can get trout throughout May and occasionally also a bit into June. Here the shoals gather again in autumn, at the end of October- start of November.

The south point of Västerön - Rödklobb/Luraskatan
Between the two peninsulas, a large sandy beach springs out, which makes it possible to fish sea trout in late autumn, winter and spring. The beach is shallow and the fish often lay in very shallow water.

South of Berghamn lays the large Sandviken bay where trout shoals sometimes can accure due to the area's sandy bottom accumulates three-spined stickleback and sandeel fish. It's best to fish here in late autumn, but it's also worth trying in winter and spring. The hot spout in the area is found on both sides of the island in the middle of the bay.

The elongated bay Holmviken is located northeast of Nabbfjärden, on the eastern side of Holmskatan. Holmviken is the only real pike place. The shallow and warm bay attracts pike in the spring, but it is worthwhile to try in fall and winter. Most fish have arrived at the west coast of the bay.
There's probably also fish here in early autumn, then it’s best to fish along the whole western shore, right from the outskirts of Holmskatan.

Fishing from land
If you want to fish sea trout from land, Åland's best places are in southern Eckerö, between Styrsingsudden and Långnabba. By car you can get almost all the way to the beach.The beaches are long and shallow and it is relatively easy to wade.

Fishing lure
To fish sea trout i prefer vicke lures and spoon lures by JK-original and the Tundra lure By Kuusamo. The colors vary considerably during the day and depending on the weather. To Fish pike my favorites ar suspen and jerk lures by Storm.

The places named in this article the author has experienced himself under several years of fishing or learnt about from local fishermen.

Good luck fishing!
Tom Berg, Fishing reporter, Fishing guide

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